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Back to science 2018

Mutualizing the scientific and infrastructural capacities of the National Research and Innovation System in the face of the challenge of Cameroon’s emergence”. This is the theme chosen for this event to celebrate and showcase the National Research and Innovation System, whose activities were solemnly launched on August 8, 2018 at 10 a.m. in the conference room of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation.

La rentrée scientifique is one of Dr. madeleine Tchuinté’s flagship innovations, which aims to promote the animation, coordination and control of the National Research and Innovation System, for a greater contribution to Cameroon’s emergence process by 2035.

This year’s event will focus on continuing the reforms undertaken by MINRESI over the last few years, with a view to meeting the government’s expectations. The aim is to turn science, technology and innovation into an economic instrument. Henceforth, researchers should no longer focus on knowledge, but rather develop certain competencies and interpersonal skills, the ability to meet the challenges of social transformation, and the ability to work in teams and networks.

On a completely different level, the contribution of scientific and technical innovations should make it possible to optimize human, material and infrastructural resources to improve the production, processing, distribution and consumption of products resulting from research.

Presiding over the ceremony in place of the Minister, who was unable to attend, MINRESI Inspector No. 1 Helen Ntonifor invited all commission members to work together as a team, in order to make the ceremony more successful than in the past.

The new academic year for research and innovation will feature a procession of the various members of the research corps, an inaugural lecture, a keynote speech by the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, a solemn presentation of researchers promoted to higher rank, and the celebration of an eminent researcher whose research work has made or is making a decisive contribution to national development.