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The General Affairs Department


Placed under the authority of a Director, the General Affairs Department is responsible for:

  • Implementation of the Department’s human resources management policy;
  • The application of Government policy regarding the training of personnel serving at the Ministry;
  • Recruitment of decision-making staff;
  • Coordinating the development of the training plan for internal staff;
  • Monitoring the improvement of working conditions;
  • The preparation of administrative acts for the management of internal personnel;
  • Preparing personnel allocation measures within the department;
  • The examination of disciplinary files for internal staff;
  • The application of legislative and regulatory texts relating to the expenditure of Ministry personnel;
  • Preparing pay items and pay accessories for personnel serving at the Ministry;
  • The entry and validation of the balance of the management of recruitment, promotion, appointment, executive and grade advancement;
  • The entry and validation of the balance of various compensations and bonuses; The entry and validation of the balance of family benefits; Updating the balance file;
  • Preparation of deeds granting pension rights and life annuities after approval by the competent services;
  • Preparation of deeds granting pensions for work accidents and occupational diseases after approval by the competent services; – updating the file of internal personnel;
  • The development, execution and control of the Ministry’s budget;
  • The preparation of tender documents and the monitoring of the execution of public contracts within the Ministry;
  • Monitoring compliance with procurement procedures;
  • Maintaining the file and statistics on public contracts;
  • The conservation of public procurement documents;
  • Monitoring the execution of works and services;
  • Management and maintenance of movable and immovable property of the Ministry.

It understands :