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The General Secretariat

Pr EBELLE ETAME Rebecca Madeleine
Secretary General

The General Secretariat is placed under the authority of a Secretary General, the Minister’s main collaborator, who monitors the affairs of the Department and receives the necessary signing delegations from the Minister.

As such he/she:

  • Coordinates the action of the services of the Central Administration and the decentralized services of the Ministry and holds coordination meetings for this purpose, the minutes of which he sends to the Minister;
  • Defines and codifies the internal procedures of the Ministry;
  • Ensures the ongoing training of staff and organizes, under the authority of the Minister, seminars and refresher, advanced or specialization courses;
  • Follows, under the authority of the Minister, the action of the attached services whose action program he approves and receives the reports of activities;
  • He/she ensures speed in the processing of files, centralizes the archives and manages the documentation of the Ministry;
  • If the Secretary General is absent or unable to act, the Minister appoints a Director to take over the interim.

Reporting to the General Secretariat: