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Mission to promote local materials

Dr LIKIBY Boubakar
General Director

The Mission for the Promotion of Local Materials (MIPROMALO) was created by Decree No. 90/1553 of September 18, 1990 and placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation. It is a public establishment of an industrial and commercial nature, endowed with legal personality and financial autonomy, classified in the first category of public establishments.

MIPROMALO aims to promote the use of local materials with a view to reducing the costs of producing national equipment.

To this end, it is responsible in particular, in collaboration with the competent Ministries, for:

  1. Research, geographic location and estimation of local material deposits as well as determination of the parameters of their exploitability;
  2. The study of different techniques and methods of exploitation, transformation and implementation of materials and their popularization towards populations and national economic operators;
  3. The creation and organization of experimental sites for the production and use of local materials;
  4. Training in the use of land through specialized public and private training schools, and in experimental sites;
  5. Technical assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises producing local materials for low-cost housing construction;
  6. The gradual insertion of local architectural heritage into the process of creating the various equipment, and the establishment of stable balances within the professional building structures.

This new orientation will allow the Institute to define priority programs according to the pressing needs of the populations, with the aim of re-appropriating research for the benefit of the Cameroonian populations. It is with this in mind that twenty research programs covering five production sectors will see the light of day.



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