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The attributions of the Minister

The Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation is responsible for developing and implementing the Government’s policy on scientific research and innovation.
As such, he is responsible for:

  1. Animation, coordination and control of scientific research activities with a view to promoting economic, social and cultural development;
  2. Valorization, popularization and exploitation of research results, in liaison with all sectors of the national economy and the ministerial departments and organizations concerned;
  3. International cooperation in scientific research and innovation, in liaison with the Ministry of External Relations, the Ministry of Higher Education and the administrations concerned;
  4. Technological watch, in liaison with the administrations concerned;
  5. Monitoring of research in the field of traditional pharmacopoeias, in liaison with the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministerial Departments concerned.

It supervises the Mission for the Promotion of Local Materials (MIPROMALO), the National Radioprotection Agency (ANRP) and research institutes in particular:

  • The Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD)
  • The Geological and Mining Research Institute (IRGM)
  • The Institute of Medical Research and Studies of Medicinal Plants (IMPM)
  • The National Institute of Cartography (INC)

To carry out his missions, the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation has: