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The Science Policy and Planning Division

Dr Jean Marcel
Head of Division

Placed under the authority of a Head of Division, the Division of Scientific Policies and Planning is responsible for:

  • The development and monitoring of the Research Master Plan;
  • The development of sectoral strategies for the development of scientific and technical research;
  • The development and monitoring of the national policy for the promotion of research on traditional pharmacopoeias, in liaison with the research institutes and administrations concerned;
  • Conducting prospective work on developments in research and proposing new directions;
  • The definition of measures conducive to the implementation of scientific policies;
  • Assessing the scientific performance of research organizations;
  • Coordination of research programs and projects; Planning, monitoring and control of the execution of research programs of institutes and organizations under supervision;
  • Monitoring the organization of program committees of institutes and research organizations under supervision;
  • The drafting of the annual report on the state of research at the national level;
  • On the centralization and processing of scientific and technological statistics;
  • The development of proposals relating to the creation of public research institutions;
  • The study and development of accreditation projects for private, national or foreign research structures;
  • The promotion and supervision of academies and learned societies Programming, carrying out and supervising studies and scientific and technical infrastructure projects, in liaison with the administrations and partners concerned;
  • Periodic evaluation of the development plan of the national scientific research system;
  • The promotion of employment in science and technology, in liaison with the administrations concerned;
  • Monitoring the evaluation of research personnel from national research institutions, with a view to their advancement;
  • Mobilization of the expertise and scientific and technical potential of Cameroonians abroad;
  • From the definition of research team development strategies:
  • Monitoring the management of the training needs of research personnel in public research institutions;
  • The preparation, under conditions aimed at preserving the national interest, of research authorizations;
  • The creation and management of databases and databases on personnel in the scientific and technological sectors.

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