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National Institute of Cartography

General Director

Created by Decree No. 92/049 of March 24, 92, the National Cartography Institute (INC) is a 5th Category administrative establishment, endowed with legal personality and financial autonomy. It is under the supervision of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation.
The National Institute of Cartography’s mission is:

The execution of work relating to cartography (geodesy, photogrammetry, topography, cartographic drafting, etc.) and remote sensing; but above all the establishment of the basic map of Cameroon, known as the STATE MAJOR Map. This is today on a scale of 1/200,000 and includes 44 cuts for the entire country. We plan to reduce this coverage to 1/50,000, or 653 cuts, of which only 233 have been made to date.

  1. The delimitation of international borders and administrative units.
  2. The second mission concerns geographic research.

To do this, the Institute:

  • Coordinates geographic research throughout the territory;
  • Participates in the development of government environmental policy;
  • At the same time as he is responsible for the study and mapping of natural risks.


To fulfill its missions, the INC has a general management and 4 departments including an administrative and financial department
three technical departments which are:

  • The department of geodesy and photo topography T
  • he department of cartography and remote sensing.
  • The Department of Geographical Research.

All of these four (04) departments include 12 services.