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Wheat at the heart of the visit to the showcase field of agricultural research

On Monday, August 1, 2022, the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, Dr. Madeleine TCHUINTE carried out from 12:30 p.m. on the premises of MINRESI, to visit the showcase field for agricultural research. It was a skilfully orchestrated guided tour led by Technical Advisor No. 2, Professor Eddy NGONKEU MANGAPTCHE.
The Minister was thus able to discover seven varieties of wheat which have the particularity of adapting to all five agro-ecological zones of Cameroon and which can therefore be grown under different climatic conditions. Their production cycle thus depends on the area and site where they are grown.
These advances in agricultural research can only be beneficial for MINRESI in view of the expectations and hopes founded by the government for a densification of national wheat production. This approach is part of the import-substitution policy, the ultimate objective of which is to limit the import of mass consumption foodstuffs that can be produced locally. Hence the satisfaction expressed by the Minister who indicated that the next step must consist in putting the results of research at the service of the development of industries. “Agro-industries must take over,” she said, while welcoming the initiative of the National Social Insurance Fund, which said it was ready to finance industries that will embark on wheat . The production and processing of this cereal thus present opportunities for the future.
In addition to wheat, the Minister was also able to discover improved seeds of various products as well as grafted fruit trees (Marcottes mandarin trees, avocado trees, mango trees, lemon trees), developed by IRAD. The guided tour was followed by a family photo and an aperitif. The Minister and her collaborators were able to taste pastries made from local products, in particular cassava flour. Artemisia-based drink produced in the showcase field could also be consumed and enjoyed.