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The MINRESI exhibits its potential at the 2nd Russia-Africa forum

The 2nd Russia-Africa Forum gave the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation the opportunity to present the potential of Cameroonian research to Russian entrepreneurs. New partnerships have been envisaged in order to allow a transfer of technologies with a view to boosting the industrialization of Cameroon.

Under the Very High Leadership of the President of the Republic, H.E. Paul BIYA, Cameroon actively took part in the 2nd Russia-Africa Summit which took place from July 27 to 29, 2023 in Saint Petersburg. The main nodal point of this participation was inevitably the important speech delivered by the Cameroonian Head of State during the plenary session of this summit. Added to this, the very noticeable presence of our country at the fair-exhibition which furnished this summit, in particular through its stand. This “Cameroon” space was masterfully maintained and animated by the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, Dr. Madeleine TCHUINTE, surrounded by her collaborators from the Central Services and the research institutes under its supervision.

Many visitors who stormed this stand were able to immerse themselves in the potential and performance of Cameroonian researchers, through interviews with the Minister and members of her suite, as well as through the channel of some products from the Cameroonian research exhibited there.

Overall, the holding of this 2nd Russia-Africa Summit was an opportunity for our country to establish a win-win partnership with Russia, to further densify and diversify our relations with this country, particularly in the areas research and innovation, training, industrialization, agricultural development, road and electrical infrastructure,…

Indeed, our country is endowed with many potentialities which are just waiting to be exploited with an appropriate transfer of technology. The advocacy of MINRESI with Russian interlocutors has also been essentially articulated around this thirst for technology transfer in order to boost the industrialization of our country.

Addressing the many visitors to the stand, the Minister notably indicated that wheat can be grown in the five agro-ecological zones of the country. The production of electricity from civil nuclear power was also mentioned. MINRESI announced its project to develop research with a view to enabling the use of nuclear technology in the production of electricity and the rapid industrialization of the ten regions of the country.

There is no doubt that thanks to the fallout from this 2nd Russia-Africa Summit, a new dynamic will be boosted for Cameroon’s development.