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Scientific coopération Cameron/France

The grant agreement for the project to create the Center for Environmental Biosciences in Cameroon signed

This project for an amount of approximately 2.5 billion FCFA, funds from the third phase of the Development Debt Reduction Contract, was signed on Friday, June 09, 2023 at 11 a.m. in the meeting room of the cabinet of the Ministry of Economics of Planning and Regional Development (MINEPAT) in the presence of Dr Madeleine Tchuinté, Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, contracting authority of the said project. The signing of this valuable agreement between MINEPAT and AFD (French Development Agency), on behalf of Cameroon’s National Research and Innovation System, constitutes an important and concrete step forward dear to Dr Madeleine Tchuinté who, in the framework of the Cameroon-France cooperation advocates the construction of high-level scientific infrastructures for an optimal quality of the performance of Cameroonian researchers.

The Director of the AFD, Ms. Virginie Dago, who was delighted with this happy step, indicated that now that the Convention has been signed, the mechanism will be put in place so that the AFD can transfer the necessary funds from the end of the month of June in progress and will follow the effective start of the project. This futuristic scientific masterpiece carried by an inter and transdisciplinary vision with a unique regional and international vocation in the Sub-region, will allow Cameroonian research to drastically strengthen its capacities in climate change and land use through the dynamics of plant cover and biogeochemical cycles and will at the same time further promote the strengthening of Cameroon/France bilateral cooperation.