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Promoting made in Cameroon

Dr Madeleine Tchuinté urges researchers to ensure national health and food security by promoting Made in Cameroon products.
This important strategic direction was given on Tuesday, January 17, 2023, during the presentation of New Year’s greetings at the MINRESI esplanade. According to the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, researchers must improve social well-being mainly based on health and food security, the fight against emerging and re-emerging diseases through permanent epidemiological surveillance, launch and increase the opportunities to strengthen import/substitution policy for better resilience. In short, the import/substitution policy highlights all development efforts which can be broken down into 3 main points and used as a roadmap for 2023:
1- Health safety
2- Food security
3- Environmental safety. The Minister’s keynote speech followed that of the Secretary General.
Teacher. Rebecca Madeleine Ebellé Étamé, for her part, presented an overview of 2022 research achievements. Speaking on behalf of the entire research community, she wished the Minister a happy and prosperous New Year. Other activities followed: giving gifts to retirees; recognition and congratulation of certain deserving staff members; traditional presentation of greetings with a handshake; family photos; and finally a cocktail. The year 2023 has officially begun at MINRESI through this pumping ceremony hosted by the choir ‘La Voix de la Recherche’. It is now up to each actor in the national research system to implement the minister’s key recommendations for a more positive and visible impact of development-oriented research.