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MINRESI Financial Services Conference: ensuring greater efficiency in budget management

On August 30 and 31, 2023, a MINRESI financial services conference was held. It was a question of building the actors of the financial chain of this ministerial department on the Finance Law 2023 and the procedures relating to the execution of the Budget.

As part of the strengthening of the operational capacities of its financial staff, the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation (MINRESI) organized a training session on August 30 and 31, 2023. At the opening of the works, the Secretary General from MINRESI, Pr. Rebecca Madeleine EBELLE ETAME who represented the impeded Minister, invited the participants to “adopt a studious attitude, but also to participate actively” in the work. It was a question of bringing together around the same table, all the actors and stakeholders in the chain of preparation and execution of the budget of MINRESI, with a view to harmonizing the understanding of the finance law and the resulting procedures. This should ultimately lead to optimal budget execution. In this perspective, the participants from the central services of the Ministry, the Institutes and the ten (10) Regional Centers for Research and Innovation (CRRI), were able to appropriate the texts relating to the Finance Law 2023 and the execution of the budget. They were also able to improve their skills in the area of staff career management.

Discussions focused on various issues related to the Budget. These include: Modernization of the Treasury network in Cameroon; career management of MINRESI personnel serving in operational research structures; execution of the Investment Budget and Preparation of Medium-Term Expenditure Frameworks (MTEF); the regulatory framework for public procurement and the deconcentration of wage bill budgeting
In order to better equip the participants on these issues, the Director of General Affairs of MINRESI, Dr. MOHAMMADOU MANSOUROU, who was also moderator of the work, brought in experts from different administrations. The trainers were indeed from the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform (MINFOPRA), the Ministry of Finance (MINFI), the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development (MINEPAT) and of the Ministry of Public Procurement. They were all seasoned senior officials with experience in public finance, budget formulation and execution.
At the end of these two days of intense work, the participants returned to their respective departments equipped with knowledge to establish a common understanding and interpretation of the legal and regulatory provisions as well as the procedures governing the management of public finances. They will thus be able to contribute efficiently and effectively to the execution of the Budget at the level of MINRESI.