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Major “research month” conferences at MINRESI

Professor Eddy Ngonkeu presents the contribution of agricultural research to the national import substitution policy. After a period of hibernation linked to restrictions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, MINRESI resumed on Wednesday August 10, 2022 with the major scientific conferences established by the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, Dr. Madeleine TCHUINTE. These conferences constitute a framework for implementing scientific communication.
They allow researchers to share the results of their research work. On the occasion of the resumption of this brainstorming exercise, Professor Eddy Ngonkeu, Technical Advisor number 2 at MINRESI presented the results of his research to the general public. The protocol ceremony was chaired in the name of Madam Minister, by the Inspector General, Professor Gilbert Lamblin TAGUEM FAH. The theme: “Contribution of agricultural research to import substitution in Cameroon”, allowed the many participants to be informed about the actions and potential of MINRESI in terms of agricultural research.
The speaker, Professor Eddy Ngonkeu, an eclectic researcher specializing among others in plant biotechnologies, soil microbiology, agro-ecology and molecular biology, gave something to drink, to see, to take, to learn and to understand in terms of speculation. local. All in a humor of which he alone has the secret. He presented the merits, the issues and the “pitfalls” of the national import substitution policy which promotes “made in Cameroon” products through agricultural research. Ultimately, it will be a matter of “producing more and importing less to help solve the problem of the high cost of consumer products”.
Taking the example of Ukraine, the speaker insisted on the need to mechanize agriculture because “mechanization is the starting point of import substitution”. Denouncing the abusive use of pesticides by farmers, the professor called for their replacement with biofertilizers. As an expert in nutritherapy, the speaker could not resist the temptation to end his presentation with a “digression”. He enlightened the audience on the inextricable link between diet and health.
Professor Gilbert L. Taguem Fah led the discussion phase. In his closing remarks, he thanked all the guests and participants on behalf of the Minister before indicating his wish to see another conference organized soon. To combine business with pleasure, the guests visited the MINRESI showcase field recently created within the walls of this institution, following the judicious instructions of the head of this ministerial department, Dr. Madeleine Tchuinté.