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Cameroonian science week in France: MINRESI obtains 25 grants for Cameroonian researchers

The announcement was made during an exchange with officials of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and those of the French Embassy in Cameroon.

The Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, Dr Madeleine TCHUINTE had a working session on Tuesday April 4, 2023 at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France. The discussions focused on the scientific partnership system between France and Cameroon.

In the presence of the Ambassador of France to Cameroon and that of Cameroon to France, Dr Madeleine TCHUINTE recalled the historical and ancient nature of research links between the countries, noting that “Cameroonian Research is the daughter of French research “. A link whose preservation challenges both parties following the recommendations of Presidents Paul BIYA and Emmanuel MACRON during the latter’s visit to Yaoundé in July 2022. She indicated that she had been put on mission by the Head of State of Cameroon, H.E. Paul BIYA who instructed her “to meet the French partners in order to strengthen and develop the existing partnership”. The creation of mixed research teams was discussed as well as the appointment to the French Embassy in Cameroon of a Technical Expert in charge of research in order to facilitate collaboration with MINRESI. Emphasis will also be placed on the development of infrastructure and the renewal of technical platforms. At the end of this exchange, MINRESI obtained 25 scholarships for Cameroonian researchers in addition to Cameroon’s eligibility for the Hubert Curien Scholarship Program. Cameroonian researchers and students who will benefit from this scholarship program will carry out their work in research structures such as Paris Saclay University which welcomed Madame MINRESI on the afternoon of March 4, 2023.

She spoke there with the President of the said university, Estelle LACONA who expressed the possibility for her institution to welcome Cameroonian researchers as part of mobility. She also revealed the existence of a strong community of Cameroonian students at Paris-Saclay.

After this exchange, members of the Cameroonian delegation have a working session with researchers from Paris-Saclay University before touring the cutting-edge facilities available to this university city.

Dr Francis A. Fogue Kuate