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Cameroon science week in France: Cameroon positions itself as a leader in scientific research in central Africa

Cameroonian and French ministers in charge of research commit to making Cameroon a research-innovation hub in Central Africa

Jointly organized by the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation (MINRESI), and the French Embassy in Cameroon, Cameroonian Science Week in France began on Monday April 3, 2023 with a face-to-face interview. head between Dr Madeleine TCHUINTE and Professor Sylvie RETAILLEAU, French Minister of Higher Education and Research.

Madam MINRESI included in her suite, the Ambassador of Cameroon to France, His Excellency André Magnus EKOUMOU as well as her closest collaborators in particular, Mr. Inspector General of MINRESI, Professor Gilbert TAGUEM FAH; The Director General of IRAD, Dr NOE WOIN; the Director of Scientific and Technical Cooperation at MINRESI, Dr Christelle Amina DJOULDE.

The French Minister was accompanied by the Ambassador of France to Cameroon, His Excellency Thierry MARCHAND, as well as certain senior executives of his administration.
The tête-à-tête ended with the signing of a joint declaration of intent with a view to making Cameroon a hub of Research-innovation in the Central Africa sub-region.

Given the dynamism, strengths and relevance of the results of the work of Cameroonian researchers, it is a question, with the support of French partners, of making Cameroon a platform for scientific collaboration in Central Africa.

In addition to the training offers it provides, this initiative constitutes a boon for researchers and students who will have mobility opportunities, or even the possibility of obtaining research grants.
The working session at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of France ended with an exchange of protocol gifts between the two members of the French and Cameroonian Governments.

At the same time as this tête-à-tête, the heads of the French and Cameroonian ministries in charge of research as well as the Directors of Institutes and Research Centers had a working session. Its objective was to present the organization, functioning and particularities of the two National Research and Innovation Systems. After the intervention of the representative of the Ministry of Higher Education, the Directors General of the Institutes under the supervision of MINRESI presented their structures with emphasis on their achievements/skills and the avenues of partnership that they intend to explore during their stay In France.

Subsequently, the DPSP, Dr Jean Marcel highlighted the functioning of the Cameroonian research system, relying in particular on its human resources.
The discussions revealed that Research and Higher Education constitute Directorates within the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research while the two form distinct ministerial departments in Cameroon.

This also justifies the presence of MINESUP representatives in the Cameroonian delegation. Both parties expressed their wish to see the scientific partnership develop between the two parties through new collaborations between their research institutions.

Dr. Francis A. Fogue Kuate