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Cameron-IAEA coopération

The revised technical cooperation framework program

Madam Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, Dr Madeleine Tchuinté chaired on Tuesday May 9, 2023 at 10 a.m. in the MINRESI conference room, the opening ceremony of a two-day workshop on the revision of the national framework program abbreviated PCN of Cameroon for the period 2024-2027. This is an initiative which is part of the technical cooperation program between Cameroon and the International Atomic Energy Agency which is focused on national development priorities in radioprotection and nuclear medicine. . This review must involve all components, hence the presence of participants from sectoral ministries and international non-governmental organizations. It must also meet the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. The national priority areas concerned by this program are: human health and nutrition, animal production and health, human resources development, water resources, energy resources, mineral resources and industrial applications, radiological safety, protection environment, food and agriculture. Among other achievements of the PCN: the production of dairy cows, 15 liters of milk per day and the quality assurance of vaccines. The Agricultural Research Institute for Development has also become an African center of excellence in the field of diagnosis and treatment of insulin diseases using nuclear techniques. At the level of the National Radioprotection Agency, the Institute constantly receives cutting-edge equipment provided by the IAEA and is equipped with a temporary storage center for used radioactive waste.