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Cameroon/france scientific cooperation

The new Director Representative of the IRD in Cameroon received in audience by the MINRESI Dr Madeleine Tchuinté. Mr. Sime Ngando Teslesphore, the new Director of the Research Institute for Development, was received in audience on Wednesday May 3, 2023 by Dr Madeleine Tchuinté, Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation. This meeting, which is part of the consolidation of fruitful scientific relations between Cameroon and France, comes after the Cameroonian Research Week in France held last month. Mr. Sime Ngando, our compatriot, the new head of the IRD, it should be remembered, is a pure product of the national system of scientific research and innovation. It plans to focus on the construction of infrastructure, among other things in the field of health and the environment; with prominently the Research Center in Environmental Biogeosciences in Cameroon, whose exit from the baptismal font is currently experiencing an accelerated evolution through the acquisition of land in the Nkolbisson district in Yaoundé and in the very near future, the Draft signing of an agreement relating to the construction of the Center for Research in Biogeosciences and the Environment, which has already been validated, will be implemented. AFD will then make the funds available for the effective launch of the works. The Minister invited the new Director to emphasize the construction of infrastructures, which for her is a visible and concrete indicator of France’s actions on the ground. Dr Madeleine Tchuinté also said she was very happy that the new Director of the IRD is a Cameroonian who knows and understands very well our needs and expectations in terms of scientific research and innovation.