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4th International Conference on Science, Technology and Mathematics (STEM- AFRICA) A typical example of North-South Cooperation

The International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that just took place in Yaoundé from May 29 to June 2, 2017, is a typical case of cooperation between North and South.

Indeed, this conference, which aimed to open the doors for scientific cooperation between Universities and Research Centers in America, Cameroon and Africa, was a success across the board thanks to a frank collaboration between the University of Michigan on the one hand, and the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation and the Ministry of Higher Education on the other. At the University of Michigan, we saw the full participation of the institution’s teacher-researchers. In Cameroon, the MINRESI research institutes and universities played a major role in organizing the conference.

The participation of various African countries in this event testified to their interest in Africa. Researchers and teachers from Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Gabon, Benin, Zimbabwe, Uganda and other countries took part.

In addition, the meeting addressed topical African issues such as the environment, conservation of biological resources, climate change, health, youth training, ICT, industrial transformation in Africa, and research funding.

In short, this Conference was a prime example of win-win cooperation between countries of the North and South. It gave rise to a number of resolutions. Now it’s time to follow up on their implementation.