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As part of activities organised for the 39th International Women’s Day, a conference was held on Monday 4 March 2024 at the MINRESI conference room. It focused on the theme: “Women and nutrition for a healthy family”.

A number of activities have been organised by various administrative bodies since the official launch of the 39th International Women’s Day in Akono by the Minister of Women’s Empowerment and the Family.

At MINRESI, Dr Madeleine TCHIUINTE, launched a series of activities on 1 March. These activities included a scientific conference held on Monday 4 March on the theme of “Women and nutrition for a healthy family”. The conference, chaired by Prof. NGONKEU Eddy Leonard, was moderated by the Secretary General, Prof. EBELLE ETAME Rebecca and attended by women from the central administration and MINRESI’s technically supervised institutes.

The aim of the conference was to raise women’s awareness on best food preservation and storage practices in order to avoid mould, which, according to the speaker of the day, is a public health problem in our country.

Professor NGONKEU also enlightened them on the importance of ones choice of food with regards to their blood group. He demonstrated that diet is closely linked to blood type.  People with different blood types cannot eat the same foods. Not all blood groups develop the same food tolerance. For example, people of blood group A should eat mainly fruit and vegetables.  Those with blood group B should prioritize dairy products.  People with blood group AB can adopt a diet plan containing foods adapted to groups A and B. Group O does not tolerate dairy products or cereals.  This blood type diet, based on a theory developed by Dr Peter Adamo, was explained to the women to consider it and ensure their family’s nutritional well-being. 
After the conference, the women received training on how to make certain beauty products.